Justin Long urges Canada Goose officials to be upfront with fur source


Actor Justin Long has called on bosses at outerwear designer Canada Goose to show animal rights activists where the fur used in their coats really comes from.

The brand is known for producing thick coats and other clothing for extreme weather conditions, and company officials claim all their products use only “ethically sourced down and fur”.

However, a recent People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) video expose suggests Canada Goose chiefs are not telling the truth about the source of their materials, and are allegedly using fur trappers to capture coyotes.

Justin tried to get to the bottom of the case during a recent visit to a Canada Goose store in New York, but he was promptly shown the exit as employees refused to give him a straight answer.

The star filmed the whole exchange for PETA, which shows the actor being referred to the company’s website as the worker states, “I’m not going to have this conversation right now.” He was then booted from the shop.

Justin insists he simply wants Canada Goose officials to be completely transparent about the source of their hood fur, as they claim to be on their website.

He tells PETA, “One of the things Canada Goose will flaunt is the fact that their fur doesn’t come from a fur farm – that somehow the fact that they pay trappers to trap and then kill these animals is somehow better. But… they’re just like the dogs you see people walking in the streets. The company didn’t really seem to care.”

“Ultimately, I would challenge Canada Goose that if they’re so proud of where they get the fur, why not show us where it really comes from?” he adds.

Justin joins his Live Free or Die Hard co-star Maggie Q in uniting with PETA and demanding the Toronto-based company stop using fur from questionable sources. She recently staged a protest about the issue outside the firm’s headquarters.

Canada Goose executives have yet to respond to the PETA allegations.

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