[WATCH] Justin Bieber: ‘I’m in an arranged marriage’

Justin Bieber has joked his marriage to wife Hailey was “arranged” by her father.

The Yummy singer sat down with guest host Demi Lovato on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week to chat about how he met his wife, and noted her actor dad, Stephen Baldwin, must have had a direct hand in them getting together.



“We met in the early mornings of a Today show taping. I’m pretty sure she didn’t want to be there. Her dad dragged her out of bed in the morning,” Justin recalled. “I think because she was raised Christian, they found out that I was (too).”

“I think it was an arranged marriage, I’m pretty sure,” he reflected. “Looking back now, I’m like, ‘It was definitely an arranged marriage. They set this whole thing up’.

“Since she was raised Christian, it was like, ‘I want to introduce you to Justin and his mom. They have similar values and believe the same things. We think you guys would be good friends’.”

Justin then declared with a shocked look on his face: “It was definitely an arranged marriage now that I’m thinking about it. Goodness gracious!”

Justin and Hailey eloped in 2018 before hosting an official ceremony with family and friends last September.

His marriage confession comes as he was recently reunited with his runaway cat, Sushi.

The couple had begun to give up any hope they had of finding him until a good Samaritan came across the lost pet miles away from the Canadian popstar’s home and got in touch with his worried owner.