Justin Bieber hoping to grow moustache back ‘eventually’

Justin Bieber is hoping his wife Hailey Bieber will come around to the idea of him with facial hair so he can grow back his beloved moustache.

The Yummy hitmaker sported the new look as he promoted his chart-topping album Changes last month, but later took to his Instagram Stories as he reluctantly shaved it off, writing: “I shaved. MUSTASHIO went on holiday, but he will be back in due time.”

During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, Justin spoke about his short-lived moustache, and confessed that while he hopes to grow it back “eventually”, it won’t return anytime soon.


“Right now, I’m gonna keep it clean because my wife, she’s not really liking it,” he said. “She didn’t like it, no, she didn’t like it.”

Despite the conflict over his appearance, Justin insisted all was good in his marriage and discussed the 26th birthday celebrations Hailey had planned for him.

“My wife did up my house really nicely, and she had a movie playing, it was like this really nice romantic night. It wasn’t a big deal, it was pretty cool,” the Canadian popstar gushed.

When asked to elaborate, Justin said, “She basically got a serious wedding planner style thing with all these candles.”

He also marked the occasion by throwing a fun bash at West Hollywood hotspot Delilah in California over the weekend.