Julie Andrews: ‘Therapy saved my life’

Julie Andrews believes therapy “saved her life” following her split from first husband Tony Walton.

The Sound of Music actress separated from the costume designer in 1967 after eight years of marriage and confessed the tumultuous time prompted her to attend therapy – which she believes was ultimately a life-saving experience.

“Sadly, I separated from my lovely first husband,” she told U.S. late-night host Stephen Colbert on Monday. “The marriage was over and my head was so full of clutter and garbage.”


She claimed it was director Mike Nichols who ultimately inspired her to seek treatment, and she recalled the late filmmaker – who died of a heart attack in November 2014 – was “so sane, and funny and clear”, and that he “had a clarity that I admired so much.”

“I wanted that for myself,” the Mary Poppins star shared. “I didn’t feel I had it, so I went and got into (therapy) and it saved my life, in a way.”

Andrews touches on the episode in her new memoir, Home Work: A Memoir of My Hollywood Years, and insisted she wanted to write about her experience in the hope it will encourage other people to make the decision to seek help.

“These days, there’s no harm in sharing it. I think everybody knows the great work it can do,” she added. “(For) anybody that is lucky enough to have it, afford it and take advantage of it, I think it would be wonderful.”

Home Work: A Memoir of My Hollywood Years is out now.