Julianne Moore regrets wearing satin dress to 1998 Golden Globes

Julianne Moore has major regrets over her decision to wear a blue satin dress to the 1998 Golden Globes.

The Oscar-winning actress always pulls out all of the stops when she steps out onto the red carpet, often sporting garments from brands like Tom Ford and Chanel.

However, in an interview for British Vogue, Julianne explained that her one sartorial misstep was the navy blue gown with cap sleeves and matching shawl that she wore to the event two decades ago, when she was nominated for her role as Maggie in Boogie Nights.


“Oh, I have a huge regret (over) a dress that I wore when I was nominated for a Golden Globe right after my son was born,” she said in an interview with British Vogue. “My baby was only six weeks old – and I wasn’t my usual size because I hadn’t lost the baby weight obviously – and I was in this very shiny, satin dress and it was very low cut, which was really a mistake because I was nursing. My body looked terrible and my boobs got bigger and bigger through the night and my hair and make-up weren’t good. It was just an absolute fiasco.”

Julianne and her husband, director Bart Freundlich, welcomed son Caleb in December 1997, while their daughter Liv was born in 2002.

Elsewhere in the chat, the redhead shared that she has never been one for “trendy” clothes, even as a child, and in general, spends just five minutes getting ready in the morning.

“If it’s a regular day and I have a meeting and I want to look nice, I would probably wear my really cute black Louis Vuitton dress – it’s great. It’s very casual… but it looks a little bit dressy,” the 58-year-old commented. “I would wear it with a little short black boot and then I’d make sure that my hair was… clean. A blow-out really, really helps – or dry shampoo.”