Julia Roberts recalls terrible hair dye job for Mystic Pizza audition

Julia Roberts has hilariously recalled the terrible at-home hair dye job she did for her Mystic Pizza audition.

In a new interview alongside Patricia Arquette for Variety, the two Oscar-winning actresses traded stories about their worst auditions when first starting out in Hollywood, and the conversation soon turned to the lengths they went to to transform their looks.

While Patricia recounted putting temporary dark dye in her hair for a prospective job, Julia told a story about the dye she used to get into character for an audition for her role in the 1988 coming-of-age drama.


“I had a success out of it, but I did have about two cans of coloured mousse that I got at (New York pharmacy) Lamston’s drug store,” the 51-year-old shared.

“My hair was stiff as a board. Leaving the subway after the audition, I had on my white blouse, walking from the subway in the rain with two cans of dark mousse just running down all of me…. And now we’re just rad 51-year-olds with naturally blond hair,” she joked to Patricia.

During the interview, the mother-of-three learnt that the True Romance star also auditioned for the role of prostitute Vivian in iconic ’90s romantic comedy, Pretty Woman – the part that catapulted Julia to superstardom.

However, the studio behind the film folded three days after she got the job, and it was a meeting with director Garry Marshall that eventually secured her the part in the movie.

“I think because he’s a great human being, he met me just because I had once had the job and he felt it would only be fair to at least meet me, since I had this job for three days and then lost it,” Julia said.