Joshua Jackson addicted to fast food

Joshua Jackson has come clean about his addiction to Mexican chain Chipotle in a bid to trick his brain into giving up fast food.

The Affair star has been trying to eat healthier, but his dependency on menu items from restaurant’s menu has consistently overtaken his will, and now he has discovered a Chipotle close to where he is performing his Broadway revival of Children of a Lesser God, there’s little chance he can stay away.

“I have a closet Chipotle addiction, and there’s one two blocks away from the theatre,” he tells GQ. “That’s where I go when it’s all going wrong. I’m doing my best to be as good as I can. There’s a little health food mart around the corner from the theatre as well.


“The good side of my brain says, ‘Go to the health-food mart’. The bad side of my brain says, ‘Go to Chipotle!'”

The former Dawson’s Creek actor admits the bad side of his brain often takes hold when it comes to food and drink, citing rye whiskey as his go-to method of dozing off when he’s having trouble getting to sleep.

“A glass of rye is… my version of a sleeping pill, I guess,” the Canadian star shares, “but rye is water to Canadians. Michter’s Rye.”

Joshua, who hails from Vancouver, British Colombia pays homage to his heritage in his clothing too, admitting he is addicted to well-fitted headgear.

“This will only matter to a Canadian, but my brand of tuque (beanie) is generally from See See Motorcycles in Portland,” he shares. “I’ve been to their shop a couple of times, and I love the whole idea of it. As a Canadian, the tuque is very important.”