Jonah Hill teases clothing project

Jonah Hill is eyeing up a new fashion project.

The actor has recently made the move behind the camera with directorial debut Mid90s, a tale about a teenage skateboarder dealing with a troubled home life.

And he’s ready to push himself even further, with Jonah teasing to GQ America what his next career move will be.


“All I will say is my next endeavour is in clothing,” he shared.

Jonah was one of the guests at GQ’s recent Men of the Year Party, where he showed off his new bleached hairstyle.

Talking at the event, the Superbad star opened up about his recent wardrobe for the Mid90s promotional tour.

“It’s nice to have a similar outfit on press tours so you always know what you’re wearing and don’t have to plan out, like, thousands of outfits,” he explained.

Jonah has seen his style star soar over the past few years, a fact that hasn’t gone unnoticed by fans Lawrence Schlossman and James Harris of the Failing Upwards fashion podcast, who throw an annual bash to celebrate his transformed style.

And the 34-year-old, who doesn’t use a stylist for his well put together outfits, popped along for the 2018 party earlier this year.

“They throw an annual day, and the first time I didn’t go ’cause I wasn’t quite sure what it was,” Jonah said to Good Morning America in October. “And then I realised it was these people celebrating (me), and so I went, and it was pretty surreal, to be honest… and it was actually pretty fun… It was cool.”

GQ has previously dubbed the actor a “style saviour” and praised his fashion evolution from baggy T-shirts and jeans to well-fitting streetwear and tailored looks.