Jonah Hill refuses to work with a stylist

Jonah Hill doesn’t want to leave his fashion choices to a stylist, because he insists finding the right look is a personal process.

The actor appeared on the Complex web series Sneaker Shopping and revealed he no longer allows anyone to tell him what to wear.

“I don’t use a stylist,” he said. “I used to work with one when I was younger, a great guy named Michael Fisher, and he’s a really talented dude, but to me all of this up until now has kind of been what people wanted me to be.”


The 34 year old has become known for his unique red carpet looks in recent years and credits his new-found confidence for his sought after style. Much of Hill’s self-acceptance came about after working on his directorial debut Mid90s proved cathartic.

“Maybe getting older, going through some life, and really writing and directing Mid90s, this really feels like I get to go out here and go be myself,” he says. “And that is what fashion is. If you’re into it, your style is who you are. Don’t let people put you in clothes.”

He adds, “I have some magazine covers coming out and they try to get these fancy stylists and it’s like, ‘I’m styling myself’.”

Hill’s influence on the fashion world recently extended to an endorsement deal with Adidas. Earlier this month, The Wolf of Wall Street star took to Instagram to tease his new role with the footwear brand, sharing an image of himself posing alongside a paint splattered car sporting a pair of unreleased sneakers featuring purple stripes with black and grey accents.

“Might be the new (car) tho? #createdwithadidas @adidasoriginals,” he wrote. “Something fun coming from me and adidas?”

The 34 year old also poked fun at the venture, comparing himself to the Kardashians and their multiple brand partnerships.

Hill follows Kanye West, Kylie Jenner, Childish Gambino, and Hailey Baldwin as the new face of the shoe company.