Jonah Hill found it ‘surreal’ to join fans’ fashion party

Actor Jonah Hill enjoyed a “surreal” experience this summer (18) by joining fans as they celebrated his evolved fashion style at an annual party in New York.

The Wolf of Wall Street star first heard about the unofficial Jonah Hill Day bash last year (17), as a group of devotees, led by Lawrence Schlossman and James Harris of the Failing Upwards fashion podcast, organised the first-ever gathering.

However, Jonah only decided to check it out for himself in June (18), when he headed to Brooklyn to join in the second year of festivities.


“They throw an annual day, and the first time I didn’t go ’cause I wasn’t quite sure what it was,” he explained on breakfast show Good Morning America. “And then I realised it was these people celebrating (him), and so I went, and it was pretty surreal, to be honest…, and it was actually pretty fun… It was cool.”

Jonah’s wardrobe transformation from his baggy T-shirt and jeans days following his breakout role in 2007’s Superbad to his current mix of well-fitted streetwear and designer goods has caught the eye of many in the fashion world, and last year (17), he was even dubbed a “style savior” by reporters at GQ magazine.

“I enjoy it…,” he smiled of his passion for fashion. “It’s just another form of how you express yourself.”

The 34 year old, who has been showing off a slimmer figure over the years, recently revealed he picks out all of his own looks, because he doesn’t like being told what to wear.

“I don’t use a stylist,” Jonah shared on an episode of the Complex web series Sneaker Shopping. “I used to work with one when I was younger, a great guy named Michael Fisher, and he’s a really talented dude, but to me, all of this up until now has kind of been what people wanted me to be…”

“If you’re into it, your style is who you are,” he added. “Don’t let people put you in clothes.”