Joe Jonas worried about replicating Jonas Brothers’ success with new band


Joe Jonas used to worry about DNCE struggling to replicate the success of the Jonas Brothers.

The singer and his brothers Kevin and Nick ruled the music charts with their pop songs from 2005 until they split in 2013.

Joe and solo star Nick both continued their careers in music after the sibling group called it quits, though 27-year-old Joe was realistic about the success he might achieve without the help of his brothers.

It turns out there was little reason to worry though, as his debut single with new band DNCE outperformed anything he’d ever made before.

“(DNCE song) Cake by the Ocean is definitely – even including the Jonas Brothers years – my most successful song,” Joe explained to Flaunt magazine. “And it can be tough when you’re holding yourself to that level of success (of the Jonas Brothers), because it is kind of one of those rare occasions. You have to realise that and understand that these are once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and that you might not relive them.”

Joe added that at one point his manager pulled him aside for a serious chat, because he was starting to “over-obsess” about writing new music for DNCE.

“He said, ‘Remember why you do this: it’s because you love music and it’s fun.’ And that is what Cake By The Ocean is – it was kind of a joke song and we were sitting back laughing and we didn’t overthink it, and I think that is when the best music is written.”

DNCE, also comprised of Jack Lawless, Cole Whittle and JinJoo Lee, are currently playing dates around America.

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