Jodie Comer was precious about Killing Eve dresses

Jodie Comer was distraught when her Killing Eve character’s designer outfits were destroyed during a scene.

The British actress has won huge plaudits as the mysterious and deadly Villanelle in the BBC spy drama, and loved the assassin’s wardrobe so much that she refused to let them go, even buying some of the outfits when filming finished.

However, she was devastated when during one scene, Sandra Oh’s character MI5 agent Eve discovers Villanelle’s apartment at the end of the first season, and ransacks her wardrobe – tearing outfits out and throwing them to the floor.


Jodie watched in horror, as she already owned half of them.

“So I was being really precious about them getting dirty on the floor. I was like, ‘No!’” she told GQ Hype.

However, she’s yet to dare wear the outfits out in public, for fear of being associated with her deadly on-screen alter-ego.

“They had too much of a connection with the character,” she explained.

And Liverpool-born Jodie credits Phoebe Waller-Bridge for the huge success of Killing Eve, which the Fleabag star wrote.

“I love her so much. I’ve said to her she has to cast me on every single thing she makes from now on. Otherwise, I’ll send Villanelle!” she laughed.

The 26-year-old almost didn’t take the part, as she thought a young, female assassin would be too much of a sexualised role.

“I was like, ‘Oh, f**k no’,” she explained. “Because (thinking of an assassin) I always think of someone in a leather catsuit and six-inch heels scaling walls. Also, ‘How naked is she going to be?'”