Jim Carrey and Will Smith growing beards during self-isolation

Jim Carrey and Will Smith have decided to grow beards while in self-isolation during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Mask star has chosen to let his facial grooming routine slide during the unexpected downtime, and plans to keep fans updated on his hairy transformation by sharing regular snaps of his progress on social media.

Taking to Twitter to share a selfie to show off his stubble on Monday, Carrey wrote, “Day 1. I’m growing a beard until we all go back to work. I’ll post reg (regular) pics so you can marvel at the miracle of my meaningless transformation. Normally, I try to stay on the cutting edge of entertainment. Now I shall conquer the uncutting edge. Please join me. #letsgrowtogether.”


Commenting on his post, Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams announced she would be taking up the challenge, only she has chosen to let her body hair grow out.

“Gonna do this with my armpits,” the 22-year-old replied.

He’s not the only one growing a beard – followers of Smith’s Instagram account noticed that his facial hair, a closely trimmed moustache, and beard, had been significantly growing, and he addressed the comments in a video on Tuesday.

“I’ve been reading all the comments and all y’all talking crazy about my beard, y’all talking about my beard. I don’t know why you’re acting surprised, I’ve been rocking the beard forever,” he joked, before he shared clips of himself in Men in Black, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Aladdin. They had been edited so that his current bushy salt and pepper beard had been placed on his characters’ faces.

“Who else lettin’ their beard grow out?!” he wrote in the caption.

They aren’t the only one growing out hair – country star Blake Shelton recently announced he is growing back his mullet as a “symbol of hope” during the global health crisis.