Jessica Chastain proud to help redefine womanhood with Ralph Lauren scent

Jessica Chastain is pushing gender boundaries as the face of Ralph Lauren fragrances.

The star is proud to serve as an ambassador for the brand’s new scent, Woman, because it made her rethink her ideas of masculinity and femininity.

“In the past, when I thought about fragrance, I never really thought about the way it can truly make a difference,” she tells Forbes. “We are in an interesting time right now, because when I started the gender boundaries and rules started to get blurred about what is masculine and what is inherently feminine… I think we’re all questioning it.


“Through this collaboration with Ralph Lauren, I’ve realised that fragrance doesn’t have to be essentially male or female. We’re all different. What is feminine to me could be masculine to someone else. We’re all our own definitions of what it is to be a woman. That’s been a really eye-opening and exciting thing that I’ve learned that has coincided with Ralph Lauren.”

The actress, who first signed on to represent the brand in 2017, has been inspired by the images of women put forth by the designer and his team in campaigns.

“I love the images of women that they put out. A woman in a suit is a very powerful image, and that’s very exciting to me. In addition to that, partnering with them on this campaign and scent, Woman, coincides with everything I’ve ever said in every interview about how I feel about women in our society. I don’t think there’s anything that could have coincided better.”

Chastain also enjoys combining her love of fragrance with her passion for acting.

She revealed, “I have a different fragrance for each part that I play and I start wearing it when I’m at home prepping the part because fragrance is very connected to a deep, emotional memory to me, so if I’m working on something and in my subconscious I have this fragrance around me, when I’m on set and I use the fragrance it’s going to bring everything back.”