Jessica Chastain: ‘Golden Globes nomination feels like validation after my Weinstein tweets’

Jessica Chastain was surprised she received a Golden Globe nomination after criticising Harvey Weinstein.

The 40-year-old actress retweeted coverage of the Weinstein scandal as it broke in October (17) and praised the women who spoke out with allegations of sexual harassment, abuse and even rape against the disgraced movie mogul.

On Monday (11Dec17), it was revealed that Jessica is up for a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a dramatic feature for her role in Molly’s Game, in which she stars alongside Idris Elba, and the relieved star told the New York Times it almost felt like a validation after she feared she’d ruined her career by standing up against Weinstein.


“To be honest, I’m mainly surprised about my nomination. As an actor, I have a lot of fear, thinking that if I speak my mind, or something that feels like it deviates from the norm as a woman, am I going to be made to disappear in my industry?” she told the newspaper.

“When the article came out about Weinstein, I immediately started tweeting. I’ve got a good group of girlfriends on WhatsApp, and I said, ‘I’m really terrified I’m destroying my career right now. I wonder if people will still see me as an actress, and want to work with knowing I have these opinions (sic).'”

Luckily, Jessica’s close friends made her “understand that the only way to change something that’s wrong is to change it, not ignore it.”

Jessica previously revealed that she had herself vowed to steer clear of Weinstein after he tried to use her to get close to an actress pal.

“He tried to get me to pimp out my best friend Jess Weixler…,” she told the Evening Standard Magazine. “(He said), ‘Oh I’ve got such a crush on her – you got to help me’.

“He’s incredibly friendly but also very volatile. He normalised the abuse.”