Jessica Alba: ‘You need make-up to pull off natural looks’

Jessica Alba’s no make-up look is all about wearing the right make-up.

The stunning actress rarely overloads on cosmetics when she’s on the red carpet, preferring to let her natural beauty do the talking. However, she has let her perfect facade slip slightly by admitting that it takes a bit of work to look so low-key.

“The secret to the no make-up look is to wear make-up,” she laughed in a video for America’s InStyle magazine. “But wear make-up that lets your skin breathe.


“Have a great skincare regime. I have always been crazy about skincare. So every night you have to take that make-up off and every morning use really great products.”

When it comes to cosmetics choices, Jessica stays loyal to her lifestyle brand The Honest Company. The 35-year-old started the business in 2011, and it’s a one stop shop for health, beauty and babies’ needs.

Jessica says the best way to look and feel good is by choosing products that react well with your skin.

“Just find something that doesn’t irritate your skin, and doesn’t cause inflammation, and doesn’t overly dry or make you overly oily,” she advised.

The mother-of-two also lets her little girls, Honor, seven and four-year-old Haven, indulge in make-up from time to time, but admits they prefer to paint her face rather than wearing any themselves.

“They get funny about make-up because they want it, and then when I let them, Halloween is the only time I really let them go for it, they get shy about it,” she shared. “They all of a sudden get cold feet and they don’t want to wear it, it makes them embarrassed.

“The only thing that they want pretty much daily is lip gloss – dark lip gloss, for some reason, which is not appropriate, I tell them. So they usually have lip balm.”

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