Jennifer Lopez determined to make up for short show with rescheduled concert

Jennifer Lopez was determined to make up her Madison Square Garden concert after a power outage led to it being cancelled midway through on Saturday night.

The singer was performing at the iconic New York venue on Saturday night when a huge power cut swept across the city and fans were immediately evacuated – leading to an early end to the highly-anticipated concert.

Jennifer was quick to promise fans she’d make it up to them, and returned to the stage at MSG on Monday night to rapturous applause.


Explaining to Entertainment Tonight why she’d been so adamant that she would re-do the show, Jennifer said: “They (bosses) were like, ‘You don’t have to do the show, you know, insurance will cover everything – including you, including the fans, and everything will be fine.’ But I just felt like everybody came out for this special celebration. The crowd was so electric that night, even just for the first 15 minutes that they got to see. So I was like, ‘I just can’t leave it like that, I don’t want to leave it like that. They like the experience, that’s what they came for and I want to give it to them.'”

And Jennifer’s pledge paid off, as she admitted the energy in the venue on Monday night was “off the charts”.

“There was something special in the air, I think,” she grinned. “Because we got interrupted and it looked like it wasn’t going to happen, and it could have (possibly) not happened. And then to be back here, and for me to be able to do this with those same people, it was just electric.”