Jennie Garth plants trees in the Bronx for charity

Actress Jennie Garth has planted fruit trees in the Bronx in a bid to help feed underprivileged people in the New York City community.

The former Beverly Hills, 90210 star teamed up with bosses at vitamin company Vitafusion and the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation on the urban initiative, and she couldn’t be more delighted with the results.

“We’re not only going to make a big impact for the people who are getting the fruit, but also for the environment the trees are serving,” she smiles to


The mother-of-three has a deep passion for growing food and she is proud to teach others how to cultivate crops.

“I have three girls and growing up on a farm in Illinois, I was instilled with great values and the quality of having your own garden and growing your own fruits and vegetables from a young age,” Jennie shares. “I love being able to do that with my own kids and pass that message along to other people.”

The actress lives with her girls in California and although their hillside family home doesn’t have a lot of space to garden, Garth has come up with an ingenious way to grow food.

“We don’t have a lot of land, but we have a garden tower, which is a vertical situation and it’s awesome,” she notes. “We have tomato plants, things like that, and I’m always a crazy vitamin lady.”

Jennie has sworn off canned food thanks to her farming abilities – she and her daughters eat fresh fruits and vegetables at every meal.

“I just don’t buy anything that’s in a box or can,” she says. “We cook every night and eat fresh, healthy and clean.”

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