Jenna Dewan discovered a love of sustainable beauty products while pregnant

by #People

Actress Jenna Dewan became more conscious of sustainable beauty items during her pregnancy.

The Step Up star reveals that while she was expecting her now-five-year-old daughter, Everly, with her ex-husband Channing Tatum, she began using more eco-friendly products and now her place is full of them.

“Everything I was using no longer was recommended to be using while pregnant, so I just started using natural face products, then makeup and it became a slow unrolling of getting into more of these toxin-free (items),” she tells People magazine. “But being a beauty junkie, I didn’t want to sacrifice quality.”

With some extensive research, Dewan discovered items that were both safe and high quality, which she continues to use today.

“Once I found makeup that was natural and toxin-free, but also still beautiful, I was like, ‘OK, you never know’,” she adds. “It all has great texture and great colours. I did a lot of work to find the best products.”

Not only does the 38 year old love sustainable products, she has made an effort to seek out organic food items and stick to a largely vegan diet since becoming a mum: “For me, initially it started with food. I began clean eating. I followed (diet and wellness author) Kimberly Snyder’s eating plan and was vegan. Then she introduced me to clean beauty in the beginning with certain products and oil she liked.”

Dewan has also taught her little girl to be conscious of the environment, even enrolling her in a camp that teaches her to respect nature.

“She knows about recycling,” she tells the publication. “She knows about waste, like everything down to how much toilet paper you use. I put her in this cute camp, called Fairy Camp, in Los Angeles with Melissa and Sue. It teaches you how to respect nature. She just fell in love with it. So much that I’ve walked by something and accidentally hit a branch and knocked it off and she’s like, ‘Mom, don’t be rude to nature’. She’s very much an eco-warrior at the moment.”

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