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Jeff Goldblum reflects on his death as a 65-year-old dad

Mortality isn’t far from Jeff Goldblum’s mind when he buys things for his kids after delaying fatherhood until his 60s.

The 65-year-old Jurassic Park star welcomed his first son with gymnast wife Emilie Livingston in 2015, and in January, 2017, they welcomed their second boy.

As he steps further into his Golden Years, Jeff can’t help but think about his will and testament when purchasing any kind of item for his family.

“I keep doing the math, and keep extrapolating where they’re going to be, and where I’m going to be,” he told British outlet iNews of his kids. “And when I buy a watch, I wonder who’s going to get it (after he dies).”

Although mortality is a huge issue on his psyche, he has no regrets about becoming a father so late in life

“I’m glad I waited,” Jeff shared. “It feels great to do it right now, because all the things I’m considering are perfectly suited to the big questions and challenges of having kids, and what you want to expose them to. What you want to leave them with, what life is, and what kind of life you contribute to them.”

However, reflecting on his mortality isn’t all positive for Jeff, with the star revealing becoming the subject of a death hoax in 2009 remains a heated topic in his life.

The star recently revealed he had to convince his mother he was still alive after the false report circulated, claiming Jeff had fallen off a cliff in New Zealand, and he is still emotionally scarred by the cruel prank.

“It was a nasty rumour, which of course brings us to the mill of information-spreading that is not based on facts,” Goldblum said. “That can be alarming and poisonous, and we should be very vigilant about rejecting it.”


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