Jason Alexander responds to ‘humiliated and ashamed’ fan

Jason Alexander has responded to a fan who was “humiliated and ashamed” by a comment he made about her during a Q&A.

The Seinfeld star, 60, took part in a Q&A after his performance at the Canberra Theatre Centre in Australia and one of the off-hand remarks he made to an audience member named Bethany didn’t go down very well.

Taking to Twitter, she posted: “Tonight I went to see @IJasonAlexander. He invited audience questions about Seinfeld, and I nervously put up my hand and asked about his funniest/most memorable moment behind the scenes… His response? ‘Oh, you sad, pathetic woman’. It’s sad when someone you adore is actually a jerk.”


After taking the issue public, the Dinner With Dad star published a string of posts in response to the criticism, writing: “Dear Bethany, I am so sad that for some reason you took my comment with any serious intent.

“I make fun of myself all night. I make fun of things like people with tattoos (which I have no real objection to). I ‘play’ with people all night in the spirit of good fun and it seems the vast majority understand and appreciate that spirit.”

He added: “For some reason you took my silly comment with real intent. I don’t know why. But it was clearly a misunderstanding. I think I actually went on to answer your question, I think. I may be confusing it with another show.”

However, Bethany remained dissatisfied, insisting the star “dismissed” her and refused to answer the question, leaving her “overcome with embarrassment”.

Jason responded: “Again, I’m sad to hear that. With the exception of some heartfelt stories none of my stuff is meant to be taken as real. I can only tell you I’m sad you had a bad time. Not much more I can say.”

Jason is currently in Australia on his Master of His Domain tour, which ends on Sunday at the State Theatre in Sydney.