Jane Seymour: ‘Gianni Versace used to lend me Donatella’s gowns’

Jane Seymour has recalled how Gianni Versace used to send her gowns originally made for his sister Donatella Versace.

The actress rose to fame as Bond girl Solitaire in the 1973 flick Live and Let Die, and soon went on to become a red carpet staple, regularly stepping out in designer gowns from the likes of Versace, Escada, and Nolan Miller.

However, in an interview with The Guardian newspaper, Jane shared that many of the Versace outfits she wore to events were originally made for Donatella.


“Gianni Versace used to lend me gowns that were made for Donatella (Versace) because we were the same size,” she smiled.

One Versace creation Jane remembers wearing was a partially see-through beaded jumpsuit, and the 68-year-old went on to reveal that the racy outfit helped her to get over a heartbreaking split.

“My boyfriend at the time, who was a famous rock’n’roller, had just broken up with me. We went to an event together and I thought: ‘Dammit, I’m going to wear it’ – and it worked. Everyone was trying to give me their phone number,” the star laughed. “But I have to admit that, looking back, I can’t believe I wore it.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Jane candidly discussed the topic of repeating outfits.

Insisting she doesn’t mind if she’s photographed wearing the same look twice, the mother-of-four added: “I don’t care whether re-wearing clothes is acceptable or not – if I’m feeling the dress and the occasion, and if it fits, then I’ll wear it again.”