Jane Fonda vows never to buy any more clothes

Jane Fonda has declared she will not buy any new clothes ever again.

The veteran actress and activist has recently been arrested in Washington, D.C. four Fridays in a row as part of her Fire Drill Fridays campaign to pressure lawmakers into doing more to save the environment. She attended the climate change protest last Friday but made sure to avoid arrest after learning she could face months of jail time if she was taken into custody.

While addressing a crowd of protesters, Fonda declared that the red coat she has worn to every Fire Drill Fridays protest will be the last piece of clothing she ever buys.


“You see this coat?” she said. “I needed something red and I went out and found this coat on sale. This is the last article of clothing that I’m gonna ever buy.”

The Grace & Frankie star then explained that 16-year-old climate change activist Greta Thunberg has made her think more about consumerism.

“I grew up when consumerism didn’t have such a stranglehold over us. So, when I talk to people and say, ‘We don’t really need to keep shopping. We shouldn’t look to shopping for our identity. We just don’t need more stuff,’ I have to walk the talk. So, I’m not buying any more clothes,” the 81-year-old continued, jokingly that she’ll have “a lot of free time” now that she’s done with shopping.

During a subsequent interview with NPR, Fonda reiterated her claim, saying, “I’m not buying any more clothes… Period,” and described consumerism as a “major disease” in America.

“We have to get back to living in balance, not always wanting more. I want a bigger thing than you do. I want a better house than you have. I want a bigger yacht than you have. I want more clothes. No, just enough is enough,” she stated. “Enough is good enough. And I can’t say get out of your comfort zone if I haven’t done it.”