Jamie Dornan keen for a large family

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Jamie Dornan would like to have a large family.

The Northern Irish actor and his wife Amelia Warner, who married in 2013, are currently expecting their third child, with the couple already parents to daughters Dulcie, four, and Elva, two.

But during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night (22Oct18), Jamie divulged that he wants as many children as Amelia was “willing” to have.

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“Part of me feels, y’know, to put a cork in it after this,” he said. “But then, alternatively, I feel like we make really great kids and… if my wife’s willing, we’ll do it until we can’t. It’s all up to her.”

Host Jimmy, who is a father-of-four, went on to comment that after having three kids, “You might as well have 10 of them!”

“That’s what I feel like, yeah. Why not?” responded Jamie.

The star then shared that he is determined to take a decent amount of paternity leave when his third child is born, as he was in the midst of shooting the Fifty Shades of Grey films when his girls arrived.

“I think for this one, I’m going to have a lot more control. The first two, I was sort of at the mercy of the Fifty Shades schedule. The first one we had in Canada and I started filming three days after she was born, the second one we had in London, and I flew into Canada 10 days later and started filming. I’ve never missed a birth – I couldn’t live with myself if I missed the birth – but this time I’m trying to take proper time off for a few months,” the 36-year-old insisted.

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During the chat, Jamie also spoke about what it was like growing up with two older siblings, and recalled how his sister Jessica used to “torture” him. But he also remembered the very civil method they had of resolving fights.

“We had this weird thing in my family where we used to write each other letters, that’s how we dealt with any kind of conflict. You’d just write a wee letter and stick it under the door of whoever you were having a fight with. And then you’d read it and respond and you’d go downstairs and everything would be fine,” he smiled.

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