Jamie Bell went to great lengths to resemble infamous former neo-Nazi

Jamie Bell transformed himself to become a neo-Nazi for his new movie, changing the colour of his eyes, pumping iron and tattooing his face.

The Brit plays reformed white supremacist Bryon Widner in Skin, the hard-hitting new movie about the real-life thug, who turned his life around after becoming a father.

Bell met Bryon before filming started and was amazed with the extent to which he had gone to have the hate ink removed from his face.


To do him and the role justice, Bell opted to hit the gym and sit for lengthy tattoo sessions as make up experts applied replicas of the skin art Widner used to have all over his face.

“I’m quite a light and wiry person, so it took a long time to start to show any signs of change,” Jamie tells WENN. “I think I managed to gain about 20 pounds first, but then during production it all started to fall off again. I spent a lot of time bench pressing in the gym and working out various areas of my body that I thought Bryon would concentrate on.

“My goal was to replicate him physically with my own body. I also wore different coloured contact lenses in my eyes to better resemble his.”

Director Guy Nattiv adds, “We had a genius makeup crew on this film. Everything you see on Jamie’s face was a replication of Bryon’s actual tattoos. I can’t praise (makeup artist) Stephen (Bettles) and his team highly enough. They woke up at five o’clock each morning and applied the tattoos again and again.

“At the end of the shoot they took the tattoos off his body, so it was amazing to see that transformation.”