Jameela Jamil: ‘I don’t think about my body at all’

Jameela Jamil doesn’t think about her body at all.

The Good Place star, who used to suffer from anorexia, has written a powerful op-ed for British Vogue in which she describes her battle with body positivity. In the piece, the 33-year-old revealed that she spends very little time looking at herself in a mirror.

“I don’t think about my body at all: I spend minimal time in front of the mirror; I don’t weigh myself; and I catch every thought I’m having about my body and instantly drop-kick it right out of my brain. I have more important things to do,” Jameela wrote.


“As a result, I am the happiest, sanest, most successful and well-sexed version of myself that I have ever known. I have so many more hours in the day, so much more headspace. I can’t believe how much energy I was giving to self-destruction.”

The British actress is fed up with the “ludicrous” expectations put upon women in terms of appearance.

“The physical requirements demanded of women in 2019 are, frankly, ludicrous. Yet women are expected to work as hard as men, to achieve as much as men, be as powerful as men (for less money than a man would make), and on top of that, appear conventionally beautiful at all times, be very thin, and never age? Ever? Surely this is a joke; a cruel prank?” she fired.

However, her eating disorder has left her mentally scarred, and unable to lavish positive attention on herself.

“I can’t just stare at my thighs and shower them with love and praise. Besides, that would just be a new way for my mind to fixate upon my flesh gain, which is still taking up space better used for other thoughts and plans,” Jameela explained.