Jameela Jamil credits Kelly Clarkson with helping her combat body shaming

Jameela Jamil drew strength from the way Kelly Clarkson fought back against body-shaming critics to tackle her own weight-obsessed Twitter trolls.

The Good Place star served as a radio presenter in the U.K. prior to landing a role on the hit TV show, but working off-camera didn’t stop haters from attacking her appearance.

And Jameela said she looked to the Since U Been Gone hitmaker, who has struggled with her changing figure over the years, for inspiration about how to handle the rough period with grace.


“I remember you going through that (fat-shaming), and then very shortly afterwards, I gained a lot of weight back home in England,” she shared with Kelly on her self-titled U.S. talk show.

“I was a radio DJ, by the way, you couldn’t even see me; people just wanted to know I was thin over the airwaves!” Jameela exclaimed. “So I got nationally fat-shamed for six months in my own country, and it was your response to yours (tough time) that gave me the strength to get through mine.”

Back in 2017, Kelly was targeted by a troll on Twitter who told her: “You’re fat,” prompting her to reply, “And still f***king awesome.”

Jameela has since set up the body-positivity movement called I Weigh and has become a champion for body neutrality and equality for women on social media.

“It’s about getting away from thinking about your body, and instead thinking about the things in your life that you should be grateful for. Like, I weigh the sum of all my parts. You can’t measure my worth on a weighing scale. You can’t measure your own like that. It’s insane that we still do this to women in this day and age,” Jameela explained.