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Isla Fisher refuses to discuss private life on TV

Actress Isla Fisher endured an awkward TV interview on Wednesday (27Jul16) after refusing to discuss her personal life on air.

The Wedding Crashers star appeared via satellite from London to promote her new book series Marge in Charge on the Sunrise breakfast show in her native Australia, but when the presenters began quizzing Isla about her husband, British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, she made it clear she was uncomfortable with their line of questioning.

Asked by co-host Samantha Armytage if the actor “reads to the kids in funny voices”, the 40-year-old pointedly responded, “He’s not here doing the interview. I don’t like talking about my private life.”

Isla then quickly tried to smooth over the awkward incident, simply adding, “I think there’s a lot of mischief that goes on in our house and a lot of fun.”

After wrapping the TV chat, the Aussie beauty took a phone interview with the Rove & Sam for Breakfast show on Australia’s 2Day FM, and she appeared to be much more willing to discuss her husband’s input in creating her literary character, an eccentric babysitter.

During the radio appearance, Isla revealed she often makes up stories to keep her three young children entertained, and that inspired her to start documenting her Marge in Charge tales.

“I’ve always loved doing sort of stupid voices and tapping into my inner idiot with the family at home, and then this one kind of character latched on and she’s a sort of cross between my two besties: one who lives in total denial and an eternal Peter Pan, and the other one who tells fantastical stories…,” she explained. “I loved telling these stories so I put them down on paper and now, here they are.”

Isla went on to confess she had considered asking Cohen to voice the character of Marge in the audio book version of her story.

“It was so deep and manly sounding that I thought it might terrify kids!” she laughed.

The couple began dating in 2002 and has been married since 2010.

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