Iggy Pop once planned political career


Iggy Pop once dreamed of embarking on a political career – and thought he could become U.S. President.

The punk legend’s parents encouraged his musical talents from an early age – but the Lust for Life hitmaker was at one stage plotting a very different career.

Speaking to U.K. chat show host Jonathan Ross, the star revealed: “I heard my father singing, so I always thought about that but once I hit 10 or 12, I thought I’d go into politics.”

Asked what his aims were, he confessed he wanted to go right to the top, saying he thought he could become America’s president.

Although Iggy, real name James Osterberg, Jr., became famous for his hard-living antics and raucous stage presence, he claims he’s actually quite a restrained person at heart – and now loves nothing more than an early night.

“I’m a very conservative guy, in my daily life. I go to my bed early,” he added.

The rocker’s interview with Jonathan airs on U.K. network ITV on Saturday.

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