Idris Elba’s fiancee: ‘James Bond role would leave him too busy for housework’

Idris Elba’s fiancee has shared that despite being a vocal supporter of gender equality, the actor is often too busy to help with the chores.

Sabrina Dhowre has revealed that she and her other half, who surprised her with a proposal last month (Feb18), don’t always have an equal split of the domestic chores – mainly because the star is so busy.

Idris acts, writes, and has recently directed his first feature film, Yardie. The Molly’s Game star has a 1980’s set TV show, In the Long Run set to air on TV channel Sky, while he also DJ’s and produces his own music under the nom de plume, Driis.


Sabrina, a PR executive, revealed to British newspaper The Sun, she feared what would happen if Idris added the role of James Bond to his already busy schedule.

“He supports gender equality but we don’t always share all the chores at home because he works so much,” she told the news outlet. “I can’t imagine what it would be like being married to the next James Bond but I’d imagine he’d be 10 times as busy as he is now. I didn’t realise how busy he was. But we both do what we can. He’s the perfect guy,” she gushed.

The couple got together just a year ago, and in February the Luther actor got down on one knee and proposed to the former beauty queen onstage at the Rio Cinema in London ahead of a cast and crew screening of his directorial debut.

“The proposal was crazy. I was so shocked,” she confessed. “It’s a bit jarring being thrust into the spotlight but I support everything Idris does and it’s nice to be able to be with someone who you can go through all these experiences with.”

And while the beautiful American, of Somali origin, would certainly pass for a catwalk star, Sabrina took the opportunity to clear up one misconception about herself.

“I love how everyone thinks I’m a model and an actress – but actually I’m in PR,” she smiled.