Idris Elba stays humble by not watching his own work

Idris Elba avoids watching his own work as it helps him stay grounded.

The British actor has impressed on both the small and silver screen, winning over fans with TV show Luther and movies including Beasts of No Nation and Star Trek Beyond. Despite his huge success, the 44-year-old makes an effort not to get caught up in the hype.

“I try not to watch my own stuff or read what’s said about me,” he told Britain’s Closer magazine. “It helps me to stay grounded. I concentrate on things like my music and DJ-ing; things like that have nothing to do with acting.


“Celebrity culture can damage your psyche; if you believe what’s said about you, you’re floating on Cloud 9, which isn’t real. I’m no different to anybody else; I just happen to be in the public eye.”

Another person who keeps Idris modest is his mother, Eve, who is still very protective of her son.

The handsome star took up kickboxing as of late, with his last fight in October (16), though admits his mum wasn’t impressed with the sport – especially when she came to watch him.

“In between rounds I could hear her saying things like: ‘Drink some water, don’t let him kick you in the head, what are you doing this for? Do you need your asthma inhaler?’ I was like, ‘Mum, please be quiet!’” he laughed.

With so many talents and accomplishments under his belt, Idris is setting his sights on future achievements. He jokes he’d love to go into space if someone paid for his trip and shared that he’d be interested in participating in a TV knitting competition.

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