Idris Elba: ‘Men, don’t let fashion intimidate you’

Idris Elba wants his Superdry clothing to help men feel less “intimidated” by fashion.

The British actor teamed up with the high street retailer at the end of 2015 and recently released his second range. With pieces like a leather bomber jacket, chino shorts and polo tops on offer, the 43-year-old star is keen to encourage males to experiment with their wardrobes.

“Some men tend to not know what to wear. And they sometimes tend to be intimidated by someone who’s really well dressed because they can’t wear it the same way,” Idris told Forbes. “I thought if I could offer the everyman something that could be seen on me, it might be a good thing.”


The Luther actor was also inspired by his own hectic lifestyle when coming up with the clothing, as sometimes his days can last up to 18 hours. Describing his career as a “24-hour business”, Idris doesn’t have time to change outfits throughout the day and prefers to don garments that are versatile.

“I want to have clothing where I don’t feel out of place in the morning and I’m still wearing it at night for dinner,” he noted, describing his personal look as easy, comfortable, relaxed, yet tailored. “Over the last four or five years, what I’ve worn on the carpets, my personal style was always commented on. I’m not a fashion designer, but I certainly feel there’s a side of me that can be influential in fashion.”

He has a three-year contract with Superdry, creating SS and AW collections per annum. The collaboration began when Idris was spotted shopping in the brand’s flagship store in London. Just two weeks later, he was designing.

“He was in the office; he was causing chaos because all the women in the office wanted to come to the design studio,” Euan Sutherland, Superdry CEO, grinned.

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