Ian Somerhalder: ‘Nikki Reed did us a favour by agreeing to appear in V Wars’

Ian Somerhalder has praised his wife Nikki Reed for moving the family to Canada and agreeing to star in a few episodes of his new Netflix show V Wars.

The Vampire Diaries actor is returning to the vampire genre with V Wars, in which he stars as Dr. Luther Swann, a human who is pitted against his best friend when an ancient disease turns people into the blood-sucking monsters.

The series was time-consuming for Ian, who also directs one episode and produces all 10, so Twilight actress Nikki agreed to move to Canada with their young daughter Bodhi, now two, for the shoot and appear as Rachel in the show, and accordingly, the 40-year-old had nothing but praise for his partner.


“Being a producer on this show and the lead character, no one had explained that it was going to be even more difficult with a nine-month-old baby, because our daughter is the priority in our family and the only person who can play the role of her dad is me and I refused to be absent, I refused to miss any of those moments, so my wife was so kind and we packed up the family and moved to Canada for five months,” he gushed to Cover Media. “It was amazing watching this woman breastfeeding the baby, sketching jewellery designs, on conference call to conference call to conference call and then she would shut it all down to dial into this character and turn in really beautiful, powerful, nuanced performances. She’s so talented on every angle, it’s just crazy, and it kept the family together and she did us a favour by coming in and turning in these performances.”

Nikki’s involvement in the show was not known until the trailer premiered in November and eagle-eyed fans spotted her cameo appearance, in which she seems to be playing a love interest for Swann. It’s not known how many episodes she will appear in.

The 31-year-old who also runs sustainable jewellery brand BaYou with Love, has been married to Ian since 2015.

V Wars is available to stream on Netflix from 5 December.