Ian Somerhalder: ‘Infrared sauna therapy has changed my life’

Actor Ian Somerhalder is such a big believer in the “incredible healing properties” of infrared saunas, he’s had one installed in his garage.

The Vampire Diaries star took to Instagram on Monday (25Jun18) to share a snap of himself relaxing in the home sauna, revealing he enjoys detoxing his body while reading scripts for new roles and coming up with fresh ideas for other projects.

“My quiet garage alone time with the new scripts in my wooden capsule of healing heat, light and sound…” he captioned the image. “I’ve come up with many ideas in here for ISF (Ian Somerhalder Foundation), Vampire Diaries, my businesses and my family.”


Ian goes on to sing the praises of experts at Sunlighten Saunas, who claim their use of infrared technology can also help users reduce their blood pressure, lose weight, relieve pain, and fight the physical signs of ageing – and the 39-year-old insists it’s done wonders for his health.

“This thing has change (sic) my life and I’m so grateful that my dear friends at @sunlightensaunas have created such special healing equipment to make our lives and our health better,” he continued. “If you have any doubt of the incredible healing properties of these infrared saunas just check out what they do.

“It’s not just the heat but the light therapy and the sound resonance therapy. Mind blowing… They are helping people feel better and therefore act better to the world that surrounds them and that (is) such a cool thing.”

Ian, who is married to actress Nikki Reed, isn’t the only celebrity to embrace infrared saunas – Gwyneth Paltrow welcomed Sunlighten officials to participate in her In Goop Health wellness summit in Los Angeles earlier this month (Jun18).