Hugh Jackman to return to Broadway in The Music Man

Hugh Jackman is set to return to the Broadway stage in The Music Man.

The Greatest Showman star took to Twitter to confirm the news, simply writing, “The Music Man. Broadway. October 22, 2020.”

Jackman will play ‘Professor’ Harold Hill, a conman who poses as a boys’ marching band organiser, selling instruments and uniforms to the naïve townsfolk and promising to train them as members of his new band.


Speaking of his return to the stage for his fifth Broadway production, the 50-year-old actor recalled his first encounter with the musical that debuted in 1957.

“The first musical I was ever part of was the phenomenal The Music Man,” said Jackman in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. “The year was 1983, and I was at Knox Grammar School in Sydney, Australia. I was one of the traveling salesmen, and I think I can actually (almost) remember that unforgettable opening number! That was probably the moment when the magic of theatre was born in me.”

During a 2011 appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Jackman performed a preview of the opening number, Rock Island, that he performed at the audition.

The Logan star also shared he had considered reviving the musical before director Scott Rudin called him about the role.

“The idea of bringing The Music Man back to Broadway has been lurking in the back of my brain for a long time, maybe even for 35 years,” continued Jackman. “When Scott Rudin called me with that very idea, I was floored.

“To finally be doing this is a huge thrill,” he concluded.