Hugh Grant heckled on U.K. election campaign trail

Hugh Grant was heckled in London on Wednesday evening (04Dec19) as activists objected to his support for prospective Labour MP Faiza Shaheen.

The Love Actually Prime Minister has upped his political game in recent weeks, campaigning for potential Members of Parliament representing both the Liberal Democrat and Labour parties in an effort to prevent a predicted win by Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party when Britain goes to the polls next week (12Dec19).

As Hugh made a speech alongside Shaheen in the Chingford and Woodford Green area of northeast London, he was asked if Jewish residents of the area should be supporting a party which has faced mounting criticism for its perceived anti-Semitic bias.


The actor did not answer the question but recently clapped back at Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in the Jewish Chronicle newspaper, accusing him of not doing “anything like nearly enough” to act on the claims.

Plenty of fans also turned out to cheer the outspoken star, but the critics persisted, and as Grant tried to get into a car and leave the rally a teenager holding a placard which read: ‘Corbyn supported terrorists. Unfit to be PM’ accosted the actor and repeatedly asked why he was supporting a “racist” party.

The protests followed Grant and Shaheen to their next destination, where the Notting Hill star called the possibility of a no-deal Brexit – Britain’s long-delayed exit from the European Union – a “catastrophe”.

And firing back at critics who have objected to an actor on the campaign trail, Hugh said, “I just happen to think this really is a proper emergency and I couldn’t really sit still. I don’t think I deserve more of a voice than anyone else, but I don’t think I deserve less. I’ve lived here all my life, I’ve paid my taxes like a good boy, I don’t really see why I should be silent.”