Hilary Duff using face gems to add sparkle to make-up routine during lockdown

Hilary Duff loves using face gems to add a bit of sparkle to her make-up routine during lockdown.

The 32-year-old shared her beauty routine with her 15 million followers on Instagram TV, and confessed she had decided to do the tutorial because she was bored at home.

“We can still have pretty make-up while we’re (staying at home),” Hilary said, as she captioned the video: “You can still sparkle in quarantine!”


The Lizzie McGuire star started off her routine with an array of products from luxury vegan skincare brand Glycelene, and sprayed the Stem C Mist on her face, followed by the Beauty Serum.

“I’m obsessed with these products; they’re all vegan. Kim, the owner and creator, has become one of my friends,” Hilary explained, as she let the serum sink into her face before applying the brand’s Rejuvenation Creme moisturiser, which contains skin-plumping hyaluronic acid.

“I love to put oils on my face, but if you prep with oils, your make-up and foundation doesn’t stay on as well. So I tend to use those when I’m not wearing make-up, or at night,” she shared, noting that she’s a big fan of Glycelene’s Skin Supplement Luxury Face Oil, which she uses at night.

The mother-of-two then applied the Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Compact Foundation with a Beauty Blender, followed by MAC Cosmetics’ Extra Dimension Blush in Fairly Precious, and then the Westman Atelier Super Loaded Tinted Highlighter in Peach.

Hilary used the Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Liquid-Gel Eyeliner, as well as the Yves Saint Laurent The Shock Volumizing Mascara, which gets her lashes “nice and covered”, before reaching for cult product, Glossier’s Boy Brow, to tame her eyebrows.

Finishing off with a slick of the Colourpop Maui Wowie lip tint, she then revealed she’s been using face gems to complete her at-home look.

“The other fun thing that I’ve been doing to have fun and make my day a little bit more sparkly,” Hilary said, as the camera cut to her applying the face crystals she had bought from Amazon.