Helen Mirren uses make-up to feel like her best self

Helen Mirren wants women to use make-up to look like their best selves rather than try to “look beautiful”.

The 74-year-old actress uses make-up to make herself feel good, but doesn’t try to transform her looks entirely, as she would rather use cosmetics to present the best version of herself.

“It’s wonderful what it can do and how it can really make you feel,” Helen said about make-up in a chat with People magazine. “It is to do with feeling good and looking as good as you can on a particular day in this particular time in your life and feeling okay with the world.”


“There are a tiny minority of people in the world who are absolutely beautiful. David Beckham, my God, you are so beautiful,” she laughed. “The rest of us are in a different category. So I don’t think we should try to look beautiful. We should try to look like ourselves and present that in the best way possible.”

The Oscar-winning actress, who is an brand ambassador for L’Oreal Paris’ new Age Perfect make-up collection, also revealed that she focuses on how using cosmetics makes her feel, not how it makes her look.

“My happiest times were spent at my makeup table mucking around with makeup,” Helen explained, before sharing her beauty staples, which included her go-to red lipstick.

“It makes you feel great the moment you put it on. A red lip, a pair of sunglasses and earrings does the trick. Just throw that on and go!” The Queen star exclaimed.