Helen Hunt impressed daughter with Paul Reiser friendship

Actress Helen Hunt has finally managed to impress her teenage daughter with her celebrity ties thanks to her old pal Paul Reiser’s role in TV hit Stranger Things.

The screen veterans played lovers in 1990s sitcom Mad About You, which ran for seven seasons until 1999, and they have remained close ever since, with Helen recently inviting Paul to her house for lunch.

Helen admits her 14-year-old girl Makena, with her ex Matthew Carnahan, has never watched Mad About You, but when she recognised Paul from Stranger Things, she freaked out.


“My daughter has not yet seen Mad About You… but once Paul appeared in Stranger Things, suddenly she cared (about her celebrity friendship),” the actress smiled on breakfast show Good Morning America.

“I told her that he was over for lunch, (and she was like), ‘He was at the house? The man from Stranger Things was at the house?'”

“I have not yet impressed her with my work, but there’s still time!” Helen quipped.

Paul portrayed Dr. Sam Owens in season two of the Netflix sci-fi drama series, which also stars Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Millie Bobby Brown, and Sean Astin.

He will likely become a familiar face at Helen’s house as the old friends are currently developing a reboot of their classic show in the hopes of relaunching the Mad About You franchise for a new generation of fans.

Meanwhile, Makena is following her mother into Hollywood as a budding actress, but Helen has decided to hold off on offering up unsolicited career advice for as long as possible.

“She doesn’t want my advice!” Helen laughed. “She doesn’t need my advice. She has a level head and a kind heart and a strong work ethic, so I think the more I keep my mouth shut, the better everything will be.”