Halsey: ‘Dancing with BTS was very intimidating’

Singer Halsey has heaped praise on her pop collaborators BTS for encouraging her dance moves after initially feeling intimidated by their “incredible” choreography.

The Without Me star joined forces with the K-pop boyband for their new hit single Boy With Luv, and she decided to put her footwork to the test by asking to be included in their dance sequences for the accompanying music video.

However, Halsey admits she was wracked with nerves when she first approached the task.


“Being on set with BTS is very intimidating because they are all so incredible,” she shared in a pre-recorded video clip, which aired during BTS’ first live-streamed global press conference from South Korea on Tuesday (16Apr19).

However, the band members made her “feel really calm and at home” on set, and she was soon put at ease.

“When it came to making this video, I decided that I wanted to do choreography with them,” Halsey explained. “I’ve never done

choreography in a dance video before so it was something new for me, but they were so nice and encouraging and they made me feel like I could really do it.”

Fans have since also given the promo their seal of approval as it has gone viral, helping them smash the YouTube record for the most music video views in its first 24 hours, during which the clip was watched 74.6 million times.

Halsey has long been a fan of BTS and revealed she didn’t hesitate to sign up when they proposed a pop collaboration.

“I’ve seen those guys work so hard for so long,” she said. “When they asked me to work with them, I was so glad.”

“It was really cool for us to come together and do something that reflects all of us, I think,” she added of the crossover appeal of Boy With Luv. “It’s a really special marriage of music in America and music in Korea, that’s our music for the world, and I think that’s really, really amazing.”