Gwen Stefani’s iconic ’90s pink hair was an accident

Gwen Stefani didn’t mean to dye her hair bright pink prior to an event in the late 1990s.

The Hollaback Girl singer has changed her hair colour many times over the course of her career, but one of her most memorable looks has to be the hot pink shade she rocked in December 1999 shortly after her breakup from No Doubt bandmate Tony Kanal.

Reflecting on the shade in an interview for Vogue’s Life in Looks video series,¬†Gwen shared that she had actually wanted a very light pink hue.


“It’s so true, if you go through like a breakup or a really big change in your life, sometimes you go ahead and change your hair to (help) wash those feelings out. At that time, there was really only one brand you could get, it was Manic Panic,” she recalled. “I wanted my hair to be like cotton candy, light pink. I had this vision of what I wanted and I ended up with fuchsia pink hair for like a year.”

Gwen went on to share that she was greatly influenced by Blondie frontwoman Debbie Harry’s style at the time too, and was also adjusting to getting braces on her teeth.

“The braces were like me coming home (from a large tour) and being like, ‘You see this money I got? Boom, I’m getting braces, finally!'” the 50-year-old smiled.

Elsewhere, Gwen spoke about another one of her dramatic transformations – the time she dyed her hair blue for the MTV Video Music Awards in 1998. The star topped off her quirky look with a blue fur bikini top and a shiny skirt with matching trousers.

“Somebody had sent me this product which was a gel that you put in your hair and it turns your hair a colour and it was blue. It was a paste. I was really inspired by Judy Jetson from (TV cartoon) The Jetsons, sort of, in this moment,” she shared. “I had met this girl through my manager who made clothes and so she made this little skirt for me. The shoes, somebody had literally just sent them to me, and same with the bathing suit top.”