Green Day scrap plans for American Idiot movie

Green Day have abandoned plans for a movie version of their rock musical and album American Idiot.

The band converted their hit 2004 record into a Broadway musical in 2010, which subsequently toured around the world – sparking talks it would be turned into a film.

However, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has now told the NME the project has now been “pretty much scrapped”.


Bizarrely, however, he also revealed that U.S. President Donald Trump saw the musical’s opening night – but he is unsure whether they shook hands.

Armstrong had previously told the British music website that HBO chiefs would fund the project.

“We’ve got a green light from HBO, and the script is currently going through a couple of rewrites here and there, so I’m not sure when exactly we’re going to start shooting, but it’s definitely all systems go at the moment,” he said in 2016.

Green Day’s new album, Father of All Motherf**kers, is out now.