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Gabrielle Union hopes to end textured hair horror stories with Flawless products

Gabrielle Union is determined to help black women avoid hair disasters with her new product line.

The Bad Boys II star launched her own haircare collection, Flawless, last year (17) in a bid to offer more variety for women with textured or curly locks, and now she’s out to educate stylists on what to do when they have thick-haired clients in their chair.

“For me, my revelation (to start Flawless) came from my experience in Hollywood hair chairs, and being forced to sit in the chair of people who have no idea or understanding of how to style, manage, and maintain healthy textured hair,” she explained to InStyle magazine ahead of a speech at the #BlogHer Creators Summit in New York City this week (ends10Aug18). “Any textured-haired celebrity you could talk to is going to have multiple horror stories of being forced to sit in the chairs of people who not only don’t have the products, but also don’t have the know-how, and no one is feeling the need to rectify this.”

Although Gabrielle acknowledges there are products for textured hair on the market, the star is dismayed that much of what is available is relegated to drug stores or obscure beauty shops – and she wants women of colour to have more mainstream items to choose from.

“Like a lot of things in the world, we tend to centre whiteness in every narrative and industry,” she said. “The needs of the textured hair community are generally never centred in any discussion. I think that the textured hair community is still growing, and we’re very vocal about our need for products that are effective, but aren’t harmful to the environment or to our hair – whether it’s chemically straightened, natural, or curly.”

Entrepreneurial Gabrielle also thinks ignoring the textured hair market is bad business.

“There’s haircare and then there’s black or textured haircare,” she explained. “If you look at women with textured hair on a global scale, there are billions of us. So, to ignore billions of people and their needs is outrageous. And, from a business standpoint, it’s terrible business to ignore billions of people with very specific hair needs.”


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