Gabrielle Union feared she was too old to snag fashion gigs

Gabrielle Union was convinced she had missed her chance to front the fashion campaign of her dreams with New York & Company.

The 46 year old actress, who has been snagging screen gigs since she the late ’90s, thought she had reached her heyday in the style industry, admitting she was surprised when the brand bosses asked her to become an ambassador.

“The CEO of New York & Company came to me and was like, ‘We are looking for a new brand ambassador. We would love to create a Gabrielle Union line and would love for you to be the face of the 7th Avenue (collection),” she said on the latest episode of the Variety podcast Strictly Business. “I was sort of in disbelief… we’re not supposed to be getting these offers. I’m not supposed to be having this career resurgence, my value isn’t supposed to be this high.”


The Bring It On star thought that she was too old to bag an opportunity to create her own fashion line in her forties.

“They tell you that after 26, ‘Honey, hang it up,’” she explained. “Get prepared to play long suffering mothers who set up jokes and you don’t get to be a star. You’re past the ingenue stage.

“Your best days are behind you as a brand ambassador unless you can sell bleach. They don’t ever position it (age) as being in a position of power.”

Gabrielle launched her first line with New York & Company in 2017 and her latest collection dropped in January (19).