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Frank Ocean urges Pharrell Williams to share skincare secrets

R&B singer Frank Ocean has called on Pharrell Williams to share “more keys” to the secret of his youthful skin.

The Happy hitmaker has long been admired for his flawless skin, which fans credit with making him look much younger than his 45 years of age, and Pharrell has previously insisted it’s all the result of good exfoliation and plenty of water.

“I exfoliate like a madman,” he told in 2017. “When you exfoliate and you drink a lot of water, that does good for you.”

“To me, the key is just exfoliating, like a monster,” he added. “There’s a lot of dead skin. (I exfoliate) all the time. Like a narcissistic madman.”

However, Frank is convinced there’s got to be more to Pharrell’s skincare routine than that, and he wants the superproducer to let him in on the beauty secret.

“It’s been all these years, and Pharrell still hasn’t given us the keys yet,” the Thinkin Bout You star tells GQ. “He just says ‘exfoliate,’ but it’s not just ‘exfoliate’: We need more keys.”

Frank, 31, reveals he has already developed a multi-step facial routine to help him maintain his boyish good looks from day to night – but it takes some dedication.

“I feel like men just go to sleep,” he explains. “They may wash their face or they don’t even bother – they go to sleep with the day face on. You really need to do a gentle wash and put a night moisturiser on.”

“I really do believe in night cream,” Frank says. “I need (it) because when I wake up I feel very beautiful, moisturised, and ready to have people making eye contact with me, ready to look above my eyebrow, below the eyebrow. That’s the life hack right there.

The singer advises fellow males to use a retinol-rich cream to fight wrinkles and give their skin a healthy glow – but it should only be used before bed: “You can’t have the retinol in your creams in the day because it makes you more sun-sensitive, so you wanna throw that on at night,” he adds.


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