Florence Pugh can’t resist attacking blemishes

Florence Pugh can rarely resist the urge to “attack” her blemishes.

The Little Women actress shared her worst beauty habits in an Ask Me Anything video to accompany her Elle U.K. magazine cover, and admitted that she will often give her spots a squeeze – even though she knows she shouldn’t.

“I was so bad when I was a teenager at taking my make-up off and I would wake up and have like, three eyelashes gone because I went to sleep with mascara on. Don’t do it, just take it off,” she told viewers. “And of course, a good spot attack in the mirror, is definitely completely bad news but I love it. It makes me great about myself. Don’t do it, but do it.”


Although it may be tempting to take matters into your own hands when you have a spot, skincare experts warn against giving it a squeeze because it can make swelling and redness worse.

Elsewhere in the quick-fire video round, the Oscar nominee was asked for advice about body confidence.

“Every single person you ever met has an issue with their body, whether they are really, really long or really, really short or have grey hair or have perfect hair,” the 24-year-old replied. “Every single person will have a part of their body they do not like. We’re living in an era where everything we see every single day on our phones is not true, it’s not correct, and you have to remember that.

“You are just a body and it grows the way it grows and we are ever so slightly being conditioned to believe that everything is naturally perfect and it just isn’t. My hope for you is that you give your body a rest and let it be.”