Facial massages helped Lady Gaga achieve A Star is Born glow

Lady Gaga achieved her radiant A Star is Born look with the help of pre-shoot facial massages.

The star, who earned an Oscar nomination for her emotional portrayal of aspiring singer Ally in the film, wore hardly any makeup throughout the production and relied on intense skincare treatments to achieve an onscreen glow.

Celebrity aesthetician Joomee Song teamed with the 32 year old for the drama and tells Refinery 29 she personally massaged the Born This Way hitmaker’s skin to help stimulate blood flow and brighten her complexion.

“Immediately, this de-puffs, reduces dark circles, and contours the face, so everything looks tighter and brighter,” she tells the website. “It really helps your body to produce new cells faster, so skin is bright and even.”

Joomee also used Japanese microcurrent machines during the process, adding, “I’m actually the first person to bring this technology to the U.S. and use it on my clients…

“It basically recharges the mitochondria in your body to promote production of new cells and relieve tension fast.”

And when it came to products, the beauty guru and owner of Faceworks Inc, relied on items geared towards reducing redness.

“If she (Gaga) was going to have close-ups, I would do a scrub with hyaluronic acid or something that would help reduce redness, because she would have to go on camera immediately after (I saw her),” she shares.

Joomee also turned to exfoliants created to help shed dead skin: “Instead of acids or granules, I use a piece of gauze as a physical exfoliant and hydrating emollient products to get her glow,” she notes.