Eva Mendes opens up about Ryan Gosling’s parenting skills on social media

Eva Mendes has defended her partner Ryan Gosling’s parenting skills on Instagram after a fan flagged up concerns.

The Training Day actress, who shares two young daughters with the La La Land star, broke her own rules about keeping her private life private by discussing her partner online to assure followers he is one of the best fathers in the world.

When one fan suggested she comes across as a struggling single mother without a partner to help her with the kids in her social media posts, Eva responded: “Thanks for your honest comment. So here’s my very honest answer”, before explaining why she rarely mentions Ryan online.


“I love women. I’m a girls’ girl. I love connecting to women. That’s mainly why I have this page,” she added, “So when I say I’m a ‘tired mama’ and want to connect to other ‘tired mamas’ it’s not about excluding the fathers or other caregivers that do so much. It’s just me connecting to other women but in no way does it de-value what papas do.

“And why I don’t talk about Ryan and all the wonderful things he does as a father is because I keep that part private.”

Eva went on to admit she doesn’t feel comfortable talking about her family in public.

“I don’t want to involve him or how he parents because I don’t feel comfortable crossing that boundary that I have set for myself,” she continued. “I feel it’s best that I continue to disclose what I’m comfortable with but not involve him or my kids too much. It’s not about being cagey or weird, it’s just about staying private in a public space. Does that make sense? Hope so. Because this is my honest answer and I really do love connecting to you women. Happy to explain further. Sending so much love.”

Eva and Ryan have been together since 2011.