Eva Mendes: ‘Dresses store memories for me’

Actress Eva Mendes has flashbacks whenever she looks at a dress in her wardrobe.

Clothing means more to The Place Behind the Pines star than most, as she recalls fond memories whenever she views a treasured item in her closet.

“Whatever special occasion holds a dear place in my heart, I usually remember what I was wearing or what my mother was wearing or my sisters,” she explains to People. “When I was really little, my mom worked at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood. We would ride the bus to go to work, (and) I’d go to work with her. She would wear this red geisha gown that you had to wear at that time, and it was so beautiful. There’s so many memories tied to that.”


Eva, who is now a mother of two with longtime love Ryan Gosling, has also used the memories of her mum’s clothing to inspire her latest collection for New York & Company.

“When I think of my mom, her whole look wasn’t as uptight (in the ’70s) as maybe it was in the ’60s,” she explains. “I look at photos and there’s just more relaxed hair going on, bell bottom pants, bold patterns – and I love bold patterns. So I think I was really inspired by my mom, but also women like (actress) Gena Rowlands.”

The star is also inspired by her kids and admits the days she spends making a mess while playing with the tots will help her come up with fashion looks down the line.

“I’m inspired by my children’s art work,” Eve smiles. “It’s just amazing what they create when they sit down with the crayon or with some finger paint. I have something really fun inspired by them coming soon.”

Eva’s latest collection with New York & Company became available for sale last week (14Mar19).