Enrique Iglesias having ‘more sex than ever’ after becoming a dad

Enrique Iglesias is having “more sex now than ever” since becoming a father.

The 43-year-old singer welcomed twins Nicholas and Lucy with partner Anna Kournikova in December (17). While parenthood can commonly lead to a decline in intimacy for couples, the Hero star admitted in an interview with Britain’s The Sun newspaper that his bedroom activity has actually increased.

“It’s probably more sex now than ever. The sex has not diminished,” he smiled.


Enrique added that seeing former tennis champion Anna with their twins has made him love her even more. But that’s not to say the pair don’t weather their fair share of storms.

“Like any couple, you still go through your ups and downs and it’s not always perfect. But it is perfect in a way,” he said. “It’s incredible to watch her be such a great mother. It’s incredible to watch a mum do what she does, when a mother’s instinct kicks in.”

The Spanish heartthrob, the son of singer Julio Iglesias, has been a staple on the music scene since he released his first self-titled album in 1995. And while his tunes are as popular as ever these days, Enrique admitted he has started thinking about retiring.

“There are days when I’d be lying if I said that stopping didn’t cross my mind…‚ÄČthat probably could come a reality in the near future,” he mused. “When I was 19 and travelling around the world with my first album, there were times I would think, ‘Oh man, maybe I should stop doing this. I need to take a break’. And that has crossed my mind over the years.

“But now it has crossed my mind a few more times than before. Maybe I don’t see myself doing anything other than a few albums and that’s it. Then, never doing anything again other than being a dad.”